Our sales activities include, sales management, prospecting, contacting prospects, presenting products or services, follow up, closing sales deals, and after sales services. We can help you with every part of outbound sales:

  • Sales Strategy Planning: Develop a plan with all the right steps and more sales will follow.
  • Sales Management Planning: Ensure your systems and targets will work for your business and your team
  • Conversion Pathway Review: Improve your entire sales funnel, from systems and scripts to sales nurturing and sales objections
  • Distribution Planning: Find the right partners to take your product to market locally or globally
  • Distributor Management: Ensure your distributors have the tools and motivation they need to grow your business like it is their own
  • Competitor Analysis: Understand where you stand compared to your competitors and the market
  • Advertisements and Promotions: Maximize your ROI with the right messages in the right mediums
  • Training and Consulting: Improve your skills and get advice on your sales practices with our tailored training and consulting services

Benefits of choosing Suluk

  • No Recruitment or Training Costs 
  • No Visa or Medical Costs
  • No Fixed Salaries or Ongoing Liabilities
  • Short Term Contracts
  • Professional Sales Team
  • Strong KSA Experience
  • Unique & Affordable Model
  • Fully In-house Managed Service