Suluk developed a business methodology that links its services with the services provided by our strategic partners.  We have created a business platform that makes success in business development an easy task. And that is by going through all or some of the main steps that we follow to develop your business:

1.Development of your products and services

We develop your products and services as efficiently and effectively as possible, through studying the market and analyzing the needs of existing and potential customers, their levels of satisfaction with their offerings, their consumption habits, and by investing in technical capabilities to improve the quality of your products and services. We also add new optimization features to the product or service, while continually evaluating performance. We believe that the earlier we anticipate changes in the market and customer trends, the stronger the product and your business will evolve.

2. The development of your team

Developing employees and encouraging them to participate in the business development process means that everyone working with you personally invests in the company's success and growth.  We are therefore keen to push them to learn, acquire new skills and develop their expertise and knowledge in all possible means and methods.

3. Targeting other markets

Even if your business is recording good numbers in your current market, developing your business will create other dimensions by looking for your share with new potential clients. We seek to plan and implement a growth strategy to enter new markets and expand your business taking into consideration product life cycles and industry potential.

4. Monitor the cash flow of your business

Since money is what keeps your business alive, you must have a clear vision of the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers of your company's financial affairs. Moreover, careful planning of cash flow will contribute to alerting you to the troubles or risks that may afflict the company.

5. Beat your competition

It is important to analyze your competitors ’position in the market even if the market is saturated and you think that there is not enough room to accommodate new entrants to your field, we invest in the following foundations to outperform competitors:

  • Offering a competitive advantage
  • Offering a modern product that is better in quality, safer and easier to use, and that solves problems that your competitors cannot
  • Creating a unique customer service culture